TRPHCDA is designed organically into several departments, which has different roles and is led by experts.

Office of the Executive Secretary

This is the office of the Executive Secretary of the organization, who oversees the TRPHCDA.READ MORE + »

Department of Administration and Human Resources

The department of Administration and Human Resources is a service department that ensures the smooth, efficient…READ MORE + »

Department of Planning, Research and Statistics

This department coordinates activities across departments and liaises with development partners in their relationships with the Agency…READ MORE + »

Department of Primary Health Care (PHC)

The department of Primary Health Care is responsible for developing and providing a robust all-encompassing Primary Health Care Services for all Tarabans…READ MORE + »

Department of Immunization and Disease Control

The Department ensures the safety of vaccines through cold chain maintenance, engages in disease surveillance and notification activities…READ MORE + »

Department of Monitoring and Evaluation.

The department functions as the custodian of data for the Agency…READ MORE + »

Department of Finance and Accounts

The department is saddled with the responsibility of all the financial transactions and records of the Agency…READ MORE + »

Department of Community Health Service

The departments ensure quality of Health Care, Engage communities and strengthening partnership…



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