At TRPHCDA our aim is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Taraba's primary health care delivery. We promote inclusive access to quality healthcare for all Taraban's regardless of who or where they are.

Physical Assessments
Epidemiological Investigations
Medical Treatments
Administration of Medications
We are working to create an environment where Taraban's are no longer threatened by or die at the hands of preventable diseases. Through interventions for controlling, preventing, and scaling up state immunization services, we are striving towards abolishing vaccine-preventable diseases and prevent needless deaths.

Vaccination Activities

  • Our goal is to eradicate polio through innovative and measurable approaches.
  • Limiting the occurrence and impact of diseases using education, immunization and other proven interventions.
  • Promoting immunization communitywide, especially to the most vulnerable.
  • Fostering access to disease prevention, care, treatment and support services.

Community Sensitization

  • Promoting health manpower development needed for Primary Health Care through orientation continus education and community sensitization.
  • Providing support to rural Health Care System by training and sensitization.